Revival Cycles Odioso Ducati ST4

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Now, if you like insanity this build is for you. Check it out here:

Motor Bike Expo 2017 – Verona Italy

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2016 AMD World Championships Cafe Racer class winner – Iron Custom Motorcycles (ICM) with Beckman

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Eastern European builders are the 2016 AMD World Championships Cafe Racer class winners!
Ukraine-based Iron Custom Motorcycles (ICM) from Kharkov took “Beckman”, a hand-made 56hp, 555сс 3-cylinder 2-stroke engine driven racer to the competition and they won.
Good job guys!

Iron Custom Motorcycles (ICM) - Beckman

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Kustomfest Indonesia 2016

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Kustomfest, the Indonesian Kustom Kulture Festival was held this weekend, the 8-9th of October 2016 in Jogjakarta.
Check out some pictures form they Instagram feed:

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Bobbed Trumps from Redstar Garage

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Last day, Marty from Redstar Garage , dropped me a mail with this two bobbed Trumps.
Usually when it’s time to talk about old Triumph’s i tend to be super critical and really conservative. But with this hardtail frames and gorgeous details I’m just looking and cannot tell anything.
Pure beauties.

KaffeeMaschine 8 from Axel to the Swiss alps

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This is the latest project- “KaffeeMaschine 8” of Axel, built for Guillaume Bureau, living in Switzerland.
He wanted a pure Cafe Racer with a moderate riding position and some space for a pillion rider, to share the corners of the Swiss Alps with his girl.
The donor bike was a Le Mans 2 which got a total revision of engine/transmission/cardan drive, besides some HTMoto tuning with a dynamically balanced crank assembly, 1000ccm cylinders/pistons, electronic ignition and a handmade, stainless steel exhaust system.
Alluminium rims are Morad, shocks are Ikon, FAC dampers in the fork, Motogadget instrument, connected to a custom-built wire loom.
The brake system was improved by modern cylinders, stainless hoses and a new rear caliper on a brake torque support.
The alluminium parts are handmade and sanded semi-matt, as usual. Brushed tank and fenders this time though, to match the rough wrinkle paint on the valve and generator covers and the classic structure black on the frame, lights and tank. The handcrafted seat was upholstered with genuine leather, as well as the handlebars.
Some selected “Kaffeemaschine” parts will now be available individually on Axel’s website.

Caffettiera d´oro Kaffeemaschine in action

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The donor bike was a Le Mans 3, which already had Le Mans 4 heads and bigger carbs, so it was a good basis to give it the full show with 1040ccm cylinders and powerful HTMoto tuning with dynamically balanced crank drive, special cam, twin spark heads, electronic ignition and bespoke exhaust system. The rest of the technique was overhauled and I gave it my minimal wire loom.

The brakes were revised and modified with modern brake pumps and stainless steel hoses.
The fork got progressive springs, modern dampers and new bleeders.
Rear shocks are special Ikons, built for Kaffeemaschine.
Instrument is Motogadget, wheels are Morad.
All alloy parts were handmade, as usual.
A lot of work got into the tank, showing my new design, as I wanted to design a classic, elegant tank, putting emphasis on the Guzzi´s unique geometry and shape. Tank and seat are available upon request.



Brian Cowan’s Red Guzzi made by Kaffeemaschine

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The bike was built for Brian Cowan (UK), who wanted a pure custom racebike for vintage racing. His preconditions were: fast, red/silver, cast wheels. And he wanted to ride the biker´s classics (next week) with it, so the schedule was tight. If you are there and see him riding his red “Kaffeemaschine” rather slow- he still has to break in his brandnew engine…
That is a modified/tuned V11 unit (1040ccm, 95hp), combined with a 1980 frame- the Guzzi racer was built from single components. Dry weight is 176kg. I modified a LM1 fairing and chose a Magni-shape GFK tank. The fork is a revised Guzzi original with modern dampers and springs, shocks are special Ikon ones, brake components are new and improved. All other parts are handcrafted, as usual.

Back to the 50s in Berlin

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Hot Rod’s, Rock’n Roll right from Berlin. This is the Heartbreaker!

Homage to Red Baron from Hamburg – Germany

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Real beauty from Hamburg/Germany made from a Kawasaki W650. Homage to Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen.


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